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In line with the Dept of Education’s OBE system, we are using methods of enhancing the learner’s understanding of, and approach to the subject by embracing BOAL and TIE principles and techniques with senior Actor/Facilitators. 
These highly successful programmes was described as a refreshing approach engaging learners in a more integral way. The success of our programmes lies in actively engaging the learners, provoking them into lively debate and discussion on the themes, characters and text related to the subject. Schools requested content (story)-based programmse, especially for 2nd Language learners. Thus, having identified these needs and demands we are offering the following in 2008

KRISMIS VAN MAP JACOBS - Adam Small - Na sewe jare word ’n gevreesde bendeleier “Map Jocobs” op parool uit die tronk vrygelaat en op almal se lippe bestaan die vraag, het “Map” verander of is hy steeds die ou “Map”? Die drama speel hom af na die gedwonge verskuiwings vanuit die Kaap na die vlaktes, asook die invloed wat sosiale en maatskaplike euwels op die gemeenskap het. Dit gee ons ’n blik op die leefwyses van die ontworteldes, hul lief en leed en sommige se desperate hunkering na ’n beter bestaan.